32 Types Of Coffee Drinks Explained

Getting confused over the language spoken on a coffee shop menu; Like what is Latte, cappuccino, and flat white? yeah, what’re the differences anyway? And what on earth is a Frappe or cold brew? Or …

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Getting confused over the language spoken on a coffee shop menu; Like what is Latte, cappuccino, and flat white? yeah, what’re the differences anyway? And what on earth is a Frappe or cold brew? Or are they just regular coffee in disguise? Take a deep breath. Here we are with all the 32 types of coffee drinks that exists in today.

Coffee Drink Types

You can have a cup of coffee plain black, add some milk, chocolate, or even caramel. You can enjoy it hot or cold. The coffee world is constantly evolving. So if you want to step out of your daily coffee routine, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll guide you through almost all different types of coffee drinks. We say ‘almost’ since it’s impossible to cover all the classes.

To try and simplify the list, we’ve categorized the coffee drinks into four different types: no-milk coffee drinks, milk-based coffee drinks, cold coffee drinks, and some great coffee drinks.

No-Milk Coffee Drinks (Types Of Coffee Drinks)

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Black Coffee-A Timeless Classic

Coffee lovers have a soft corner for strong, black, dark coffee. For some, it’s part of their daily habit. The cup of joe is brewed in a coffee maker. Or by grinding the beans with a coffee grinder, pouring them into a filter, and letting boiling water flow through. The brewing process offers a tasty classic drink with an intensity suitable for most people.

It has no additive sugar, milk, or flavors. Yes, it has a bitter flavor. But its intense flavor and natural taste add uniqueness to this drink. Most importantly, it’s easy on your wallet. This is the most simple, and widely available variation of American coffee.

Espresso-The Backbone of Our Coffee-Culture

Espresso is the heart and soul of today’s coffee family. The potent drink of 25-30 ml works as a base in many other coffee drinks, such as cappuccino, cortado, and coffee latte. Besides, Espresso itself is enjoyed as a small shot in coffee shops around the world. Espresso machines are a staple for coffee shops nowadays, as well as espresso drinks for the menu.

An espresso shot comes with a tasty package of concentrated caffeine punch. It is brewed for 20-25 seconds under a pressure of 9 bar. It is made with at least 7 grams of fine-ground coffee beans.

Smooth velvety crema forms out of the oil forced by hot water, typically served in 1 oz portions. Shots of Espresso give you a massive energy boost with a hearty aroma. For double the boost, try a Double Espresso Shot!

Americano-The Safest Choice for Beginners

An americano is an espresso-based drink with a higher water ratio. It is diluted with hot water to make the coffee milder. The serving size is significantly larger than an espresso. It consists of a 1:5 balance of Espresso, and the rest is water. Americano is a classical favorite of many coffee connoisseurs.

It has a rich depth of flavor. Some coffee shops allow you to enjoy self-served ratios, where you get a shot of espresso served separately with a pot of water.

Doppio-A Double Espresso

The word doppio means double in Italian. As the name suggests, doppio is 2 Espresso shot mixed. It’s a highly caffeinated beverage with double the strength of Espresso, served in 2 oz portions which are about 60 ml.

Ristretto-The Most Intense Coffee

Ristretto means ‘restricted’ in Italian. It refers to the water flow being “ristretto” through the beans(see what I did there?). Half the water used in regular Espresso is used here, making ristretto a highly concentrated drink.

Ristretto has lower acidity and a sweeter taste because it has a shorter brewing time. As a result, a Ristretto cup is packed with a rich aroma of coffee beans, and an excellent caffeine punch. The serving size for ristretto is 15 ml, which is half the amount of Espresso.

Lungo-Opposite to Ristretto

Lungo means “long” in Italian. They are confusingly similar to Americano. However, unlike Americano, no extra water is added to a Lungo. Instead, it’s an espresso flowing a little longer with a more considerable amount of water. Brewing for a long period of time gives a tasty cup of coffee with a dark roast.

Lungo is served in a tall glass instead of a classic espresso cup, living up to its name. The serving size is 60-90 ml. Most coffee enthusiasts prefer a lungo over a regular espresso since it is less bitter with similar taste and attributes. Lungo is also on the list for strong coffees.

Caffe Crema-A Variation of Espresso

You’ll find Caffe crema pretty off the radar in café menus. But don’t get fooled by the word crema. It doesn’t have any cream or milk, unlike Espresso, where finely ground beans are used. Instead, Caffe crema uses coarsely ground beans following the exact brewing time and method.

Café Cubano-An Espresso From Cuba

Café Cubano is an espresso with a sweetened foam topping. The bit of foam is formed when drops of Espresso are whipped with brown sugar. When you pour your single espresso shot over this foam, it floats to the top.

Turkish Coffee-A Turkish Recipe

Turkey has a unique way of serving and drinking coffee. It is prepared using finely ground medium roasted coffee beans. They are simmered in water in a coffee pot at the lowest heat. Put off the heat before it spills. You’re ready to clench fingers around a cup of thick, frothy, and rich coffee.

It has a rich aroma and lots of foam. You can take your Turkish coffee with sugar for additional taste. Turkish coffee is served in small cups. Once you finish, the ground coffee will appear at the bottom.

Red Eye Coffee-Stay Awake with ‘Eye’ of Coffee

Red-eye coffee is perfect for turning a tiresome morning into an energetic one. A regular drip coffee on a single shot of Espresso makes you a Redeye.

 If you use a double shot of Espresso instead of one, it’s a Black eye. And a triple shot will give you a Deadeye coffee. So, you raise the level of caffeine and can stay awake the whole night.

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Milk-Based Coffee Drinks (Types Of Coffee Drinks)

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Caffé Latte-A Popular Choice Worldwide

Caffe latte is a drink that shines like a star on a coffee shop menu. It is well-known to all coffee drinkers. This soft Italian drink consists of more milk than coffee with a ratio of 1/4 espresso and 3/4 steamed milk.

In Italy, Caffe latte is a popular type for breakfast. However, it is not drunk after lunch since it is considered a heavy meal, unlike regular coffee. The glass is topped with a crown of creamy foam. If you are lucky, your barista will decorate it with unique latte art. Its creamy, velvety texture will make you fall in love with it endlessly.

Cappuccino-A Mild Coffee

Latte vs. Cappuccino: A dilemma coffee lovers face choosing between these two coffee types. Among a wide variety, these two variants are very similar. However, a cappuccino differs from a latte in the consistency of milk. The milk foam in the cappuccino has a different and thicker texture. They are also served in different ways.

Cappuccino consists of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 warm milk, and 1/3 milk foam. Cappucino is usually served in a large cup and topped with a chocolate sprinkle. In contrast, a Caffe latte is served in a tall glass, similar to Lungo.

Café Au Lait-The French Version of Latte

Café au lait means “coffee with milk” in French. Café au lait is usually a combination of coffee and a splash of milk at the ratio of 1/4. It is one of the mildest coffee drinks that resemble caffe latte in taste. But you do not use Espresso in a café au lait. Instead, it is ordinary drip coffee.

Macchiato-A Little Milk is Enough

Macchiato means “spotted” or “speckled” in Italian. Macchiato is a shot of Espresso sprinkled with a layer of foam milk. It is served in small cups.

Although it belongs to the category ‘milk-based coffee,’ there’s only a dash of milk. Macchiato is the most intense of all milk-based coffee drinks.

Latte Macchiato-The Opposite of Macchiato

Latte Macchiato is the straight opposite of a macchiato. It consists of a lot of skimmed milk and a little espresso on top. This delicious hot coffee drink is then covered with a creamy foam layer and served.

Cortado-A Spanish Coffee with Milk

Cortado means ‘to shorten’ (Spanish). Here, the milk proportion is small compared to many of the other milk-based coffees. A cortado contains Espresso and warm milk at a 1/1 ratio. The milk is lightly steamed, never frothy. It is served in an espresso cup.

Flat white-The Australian Version of Cortado

Flat white has been available in most coffee menus around the world since the 80s. It reminds us of both cortado and latte. You may not notice any difference unless you’re a barista or coffee lover.

Flat white is espresso shot and milk microfoam at a 50/50 ratio. The texture of milk foam on a flat white has a different consistency. Its serving size is smaller than that of the latte.

Café Mocha-The Chocolaty Milk Coffee

If you’re a chocolate lover and also an avid coffee drinker, Mocha can be your next favorite. Café Mocha is a mild coffee drink made of coffee, steamed milk, and chocolate. It is well suited for coffee enthusiasts with a craving for sweets.

Mocha consists of ratios of 1/4 brewed coffee, 3/4 steamed milk, and some teaspoons of melted chocolate. Cocoa powders or hot chocolate syrup works too.

Café Bombon-Coffee for Your Sweet Tooth

Bombon is made of a shot of Espresso and condensed milk in equal quantity. The Espresso floats on top, while the milk sits at the bottom. Bombon is served in clear glasses. So, you can experience the beauty of the two contrasting nuances.

It can be served with whipped cream on top. Mix the drink before each sip. It has extra sweetness and rich flavor, enough to blow your mind.

Breve-The Creamier Latte

Wanna make it creamy 😏? Breve’s worth a try! This Italian coffee drink can be your next favorite. The milk used in breve is creamy and fat-rich. First, it is steamed and frothed, which makes the milk foam super creamy. Then it’s added to a cup of Espresso.

Vienna-A Creamy Coffee

Vienna is not a conventional coffee drink. Although Vienna is categorized into milk-based coffee, it contains no milk. Instead, it is filled with whipped cream over double solid espresso shots. This delicious combination is decorated with cocoa powder or flavored syrups before serving. The strong-flavored creamy coffee melts in your mouth, leaving a divine taste.

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Cold Coffee Drinks (Types Of Coffee Drinks)

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Iced coffee-Summertime Favorite

When the summer season hits you hard, iced coffee is your savior. It’s as simple as it sounds. To make the iced coffee, make a brewed coffee, put some ice in, and forget about it. Then drink it cold.

No, you cool down a brewed coffee and serve your chilled coffee with ice. Then, you can add cold milk, cream, or sweetener. You can even decorate with flavored syrup to add some extra flavor.

Cold Brew-The Trendier Version of Iced Coffee

The drink is perfect on a hot summer day. For a cold brew, coffee is soaked in cold water for 6 hours to one and a half-day. Soaking the coffee for an extended period gives it a stronger flavor. Then it is served with cold cream or milk.

High temperatures bring out flavors and taste profiles, such as bitterness and fatty acids. These are avoided in a cold brew. Instead, the sweet aromas are accentuated. Safe to say, cold-brewed coffee is a healthier alternative to drink this summer!

Nitro Coffee-A Miraculous Coffee

There is nitrogen gas in a coffee drink. Yes, you heard it right. Nitrogen gas is infused in a cold brew coffee using a pressurized valve. The nitrogen adds a frothy and velvety texture to the coffee.

Nitro coffee or Nitrous coffee might cost you an arm and a leg. But it’s worth it, considering the efforts and equipment required to make it. It has no added milk or sugar. Yet it feels thick, milky, and tastes sweet. Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it?

Frappe-Greek Iced Coffee

Imagine a hot summer day on a beach and a frappe in hand, holding in a plastic cup with a lid and straw. Life is wonderful!

To prepare Frappe, blend chilled Espresso with sugar, milk, and ice. And Voila! You have a delicious summer treat. Decorate with ice cubes, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup for the finishing touch.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee-Brother of Bombon

You could say Vietnamese Iced coffee is just the iced version of Bombon. But the use of sweetened condensed milk is what makes a difference here.

They use a Vietnamese coffee press to brew medium ground coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Then it’s served in a glass with ice cubes.

The brew is highly concentrated and pungent. The sweetness of the milk counters this bitterness, allowing you to enjoy a rich, sweet, and creamy iced coffee.

Dalgona Coffee-A Hype of The Internet

You must’ve seen this coffee all over social media during 2020’s lockdown. This internet-famous dalgona coffee originated in South Korea from a TV show.

Although it’s not something completely new, it gained instant popularity due to its delicious taste and ease of making, adding it to a long list of coffee trends.

All you need is to mix equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and water. Next, make a frothy foam and crown it on top of chilled milk.

Then serve in a clear glass, so you can enjoy the ‘Brew’tiful creamy contrast view (Puns. I’ve got them).

Mazagran-Portuguese Iced Coffee

Mazagran is made of four unusual yet straightforward ingredients. Espresso, sugar syrup, lemon, and ice. Wait, lemon juice in coffee? Strange! It probably is with your first sip. But with time, you’ll appreciate how heavenly refreshing the drink is.

Extraordinary Coffee Drinks

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Affogato-A Fancy Coffee-Dessert

Affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot Espresso. It’s more of a dessert coffee and less of a coffee drink. The combination of Espresso with ice cream brings in a bolder flavor for anyone enjoying it for the first time.

Kaffeost-Cheesy Coffee

Ever visited Sweden? Then you must be familiar with their traditional cup of java. Consider it a Mocha with cream cheese flavor. It’s a drink with cheese cubes in brewed coffee. The cheese is a spongy bread-like cheese that gives it a rich taste.

Scandinavian Coffee-Egg Coffee

The secret ingredient of Scandinavian coffee is the egg. This unique brewing style originated in Sweden and Norway.  Egg Coffee can also be classified under French Press coffee types.

To prepare this drink, you need to mix coffee grounds with raw egg yolks, creating a slimy slurry, which is added to boiling water. Then, they add cold water afterward so a French press can strain out the coffee goodness, leaving the undesirables behind.

The egg gives a perfect balance to the coffee by absorbing impurities and bitterness and enhancing the caffeine content. The result is a smooth, velvety, rich flavored coffee, minus the bitter taste.

Irish Coffee-A Coffee Cocktail

It’s the best after-dinner drink on a chilly evening. Irish coffee is a sweetened brewed hot black coffee mixed with Irish whiskey. Then it is topped with whipped cream and served.

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Final Thought

Congratulations, You have made it through the whole list! Now we hope that you’ll no longer stand blankly staring at the barista next time you make an order.

So, which one is your next favorite? Let’s go on a coffee adventure. Try a new drink that suits your taste buds. Dive into the sea of coffee drinks with the Coffeenomies.


What Type of Milkless Coffee Tastes Best?

It depends on your taste buds and practices. If you are new to the coffee world, try the first Americano. It is the safest option for newbies.

Which Type of Coffee Drink Is the Most Popular?

The most popular coffee drinks worldwide are Espresso, Latte, and Cappuccino.

What Coffee Drinks Taste Different From Regular Coffee?

A coffee lover would want to change the taste but still want coffee. Coffee drinks that taste different from coffee are Frappe, Cold brew, Vietnamese coffee, Mazagran, Caramel Macchiato, and Mocha Latte.

What Are the Drinks With the Most Negligible Coffee Content?

Latte and Latte Macchiato have a little coffee with a lot of milk. Mocha contains an equal amount of chocolate. So it tastes less like coffee and more chocolaty.

What Type of Coffee Has Low Caffeine Content?

A shot of Espresso has low caffeine content because of its small serving size. However, the caffeine content per ounce is much higher than other types of coffee drinks.

Which Are the Sweetest Coffee Drinks?

Bombon, Turkish coffee, and Vietnamese iced coffee are some of the sweetest coffee drinks.

How can we differentiate a Latte from Cappuccino?

Cappuccino contains shots of Espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk at a 1:1:1 ratio. Latte has a higher proportion of steamed milk and a thin layer of milk foam.

How Can We Differentiate a Latte From Flat White?

Latte uses a lot of milk than Flat white. The milk texture in both Latte and Flat white is also different.