About Us

The journey of our website started in 2022, but the idea was generated far back in late 2021, on one bright Sunday morning.

We were always a bunch of coffee enthusiast individuals, who got introduced to this blessing of the Gods back in college. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the coffee lifestyle.

Then suddenly, one day the idea pops up: what if we could provide authentic information on everything coffee, in a funny way?

The idea sounded refreshing, and unique back then. In a world where the only joy of work-life resides in sipping coffee and looking at memes on a break, what else could be the more perfect combination, right?

We took the idea and ran with it. After months of dedicated work and research, along with dealing with technicalities, we’re finally here!

In Coffeenom, we try to provide the most authentic information about everything coffee, brewing methods, recipes, coffee history tidbits, etc., while keeping it as lighthearted as possible.

We also do our best to do research on the topics we cover on our website, so you can rest assured when referring to us that you gained the knowledge from a trustworthy source. We may joke in our articles, but we take every subject matter seriously.

Our Objective & Values

  • Offer the most accurate information on any coffee-related topic with humor that is just innocent fun and respectful to everyone
  • Hype up and support the coffee lifestyle that we love and adore so much, and make it accessible for everyone so they can enjoy with us as well
  • Clear up the misconceptions and myths about the origin and brewing of coffee
  • Offer coffee solutions that are more environment friendly, and methods that create less pollution
  • Pay tribute to the hardworking coffee farmers, and everyone associated with coffee cultivation

So, what are you waiting for? Join our relaxing zone while you sip on a cup of coffee, read about the coffee you love, and laugh at all the dank memes! (at least we think they’re funny)

Want to leave your suggestions, or simply have a chat? Contact us at contact[@]coffeenom.com