15 Types Of Black Coffee: Change Up Your Morning Cup

The idea of black coffee is simple: it’s coffee in water and nothing else. But even with black coffee, you can switch things up a little by taking up different black coffee types. Today, let’s …

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The idea of black coffee is simple: it’s coffee in water and nothing else. But even with black coffee, you can switch things up a little by taking up different black coffee types.

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Today, let’s go through a list of 15 different renditions of black coffee types and brewing methods that will make your morning better. You can make them at home or order them at a coffee shop.

As an added bonus, we’ll be talking about the health benefits of black coffee too!

Black Coffee #1: AeroPress

AeroPress is used to make various coffee types, but you can go the traditional black coffee route with this one.

You need to place coffee grounds in the tube, place the paper filter in the tube, steep your coffee for a minute, and push the plunger to go in your cup.

Mission accomplished!

Black Coffee #2: Americano

Americano is a mild version of Espresso mixed with either extra hot water or cold water, even iced cubes.

The resulting coffee tastes just like Espresso but less bitter with a lower caffeine kick. Since you can brew Espresso with pretty much any kind of coffee beans, the main trick here is to pour water over the Espresso.

Black Coffee #3: Black Eye

A black eye is a black coffee through and through. The coffee starts with a double or even triple shot of Espresso, and then these shots of Espresso are added to regular coffee coming from the drip method.

Since both drip coffee and Espresso are highly concentrated, this coffee makes you feel like you got a black eye from getting a rude caffeine punch in the face. Hence, the name.

Black Coffee #4: Capsule Coffee

Coffee capsules are either regular pre-ground coffee powder or Espresso, and you can brew them using a capsule Espresso coffee maker. The coffee is almost similar to instant coffee from the short brewing process.

Black Coffee #5: Decaf

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Decaf is a fancy short term for “decaffeinated coffee,” Decaf beans are made by soaking regular coffee beans in a mixture of water and chemical solvents, which strip the caffeine away from the beans.

Decaf coffee is just a caffeine-less version of regular coffee beans, so the default hot coffee you brew can be considered black coffee, even when it’s the cold brew coffee variety.

Black Coffee #6: Drip Coffee

Another brewing method that gets you concentrated black coffee. The process is time-consuming since you need to wait until all the coffee needs to drip through the coffee grounds, but the result is satisfying.

Black Coffee #7: Doppio

An Italian word that translates to “Double” in English, Doppio refers to a standard double shot of Espresso. Nowadays, most coffee lovers use the term “Doppio” to refer to a standard Espresso shot.

Black Coffee #8: Espresso

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The coffee that started it all, Espresso, is the classic Italian coffee that you could technically call the “OG black coffee.”

Espresso also works as a base for most modern coffee drinks. However, if you get the complete feel of Espresso, it’s better to take in the aroma of the coffee before taking the first sip.

You can use any kind of roasted bean to brew a fine cup of Espresso, but if you want the most authentic Espresso feel, it’s better to go with a dark roast.

Black Coffee #9: Frappe

Frappe originated in Cyprus, Greece. The drink is popular, especially in places with warm weather.

Though the basic recipe of Frappe makes it a milk coffee, you can have a Frappe without foamed milk or sugar as well.

Black Coffee #10: Flavored Coffee

Though flavored coffee can sound like something out of Starbucks, it started around 100 years ago in the Middle East, where roasted coffee was blended with spices and nuts to give them distinct flavors.

But at the end of the day, it’s still black coffee.

Black Coffee #11: Iced Black Coffee

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In simple terms, it’s iced coffee, but black. Brew a standard cold brew, and pour it into ice. The flavoring is optional.

Black Coffee #12: Immersion Brewed Coffee

This can reflect drip coffee makers, but drip brewing is part of the entire immersion brewing experience.

The results are richer, so black coffee made with any kind of immersion brewing method is strong and rich in taste.

Black Coffee #13: Long Black

Long Black is more prevalent in New Zealand and Australia, a mix of double-shot Espresso and water. Though it sounds like Americano, it’s more water-based compared to Americano.

Black Coffee #14: Pour-Over Coffee

As the name suggests, the process is pouring hot water over the coffee grounds, making sure all the coffee grounds are properly soaked and extracted.

The result is a strong cup of black coffee.

Black Coffee #15: Ristretto coffee

The ristretto is prepared from a shot of Espresso. Though Ristretto has a minimum coffee-to-water ratio, it’s still a fine cup of coffee that resembles Espresso while being less bitter than Espresso.

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Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

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Now you might be thinking, why go after black coffee only when so many fancy milk coffees are available? To make you realize the importance of black coffee, here are some fantastic health benefits that black coffee provides.

Benefit #1: Balances Glucose Formation

When your body produces too much glucose, your body’s sugar count goes higher than usual, and it can cause a lot of physical issues.

When you drink a cup of black coffee, the formation rate of glucose gets reduced.

Benefit #2: Boosts Your Brain

Black coffee keeps the nerves of your brain strong by keeping the nerves and neurons active, which can keep your brain healthy while boosting your overall memory.

Benefit #3: Fine Supplement of Vitamins and antioxidants

Black coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, including:

  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5

Some of these antioxidants are also anti-inflammatory as an added bonus.

Benefit #4: Helps Prevent Diabetes

Regular consumption of black coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to multiple organ damage, including severe heart disease in later stages.

Benefit #5: Helps With Skincare

Drinking black coffee and using the leftover coffee grounds on your skin can significantly help skincare.

The properties of coffee grounds help improve blood circulation in the skin and better oxygen flow. As a result, the skin can look healthy, de-aged, and glowing.

Applying coffee grounds as face masks can also reduce the rate of your skin’s aging process, making your skin appear healthier, fresh, and free of rashes and other skin diseases.

Benefit #6: Helps With Weight Loss

Black coffee itself is an excellent drink if you want an energy boost while keeping your calorie intake in check.

Black coffee suppresses appetite, which stops unusual eating habits. Your metabolism then starts to go up and burn body fat to keep you energized, which in terms causes weight loss.

Benefit #7: Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is common in people in the 60-65 years age group. Alzheimer’s can slowly reduce a person’s brain functions to a near-zero state and can even be fatal in some cases.

Regular consumption of black coffee can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.

Benefit #8: Prevents Liver Failure

Several harmful enzymes can get released in the liver, causing liver cancer or cirrhosis.

Black coffee neutralizes these enzymes, keeping your body in check.

Benefit #9: Reduces Risk For Cardiovascular Diseases

Caffeine stimulates the nerve systems by triggering the release of adrenaline in our bloodstream. When your nerves are always passing blood in a regular, healthy fashion, it reduces the risk of heart stroke and many other cardiovascular diseases.

Benefit #10: Reduces Stress

Caffeine is well-known medicine for reducing stress and depression by creating a high release of dopamine and serotonin. Since black coffee is nothing but pure caffeine, it’s just as good at reducing anxiety as any other caffeinated beverage.

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Bottom Line

Black coffee can sound basic and boring, but when trying out different variations of black coffee almost every day, the idea of this simple drink can become amazing for any coffee lover.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker and already a fan of one of these black coffee drinks or brewing methods, enjoy your everyday brew and the health benefits.



What Exactly Is the Definition of “Black Coffee”?

If a cup of coffee consists of nothing but coffee grounds and water, regardless of the temperature, then it’s considered “black coffee.”

Are All Black Coffee Drinks Free of Any Calories?

Yes, since the calories come from the additives like sugar, milk, or whipped cream.

Do You Need a Particular Type of Coffee Bean to Brew a Cup of Black Coffee?

You can brew black coffee with any bean you can get your hands on, and there’s no specification. But if you’re looking for more caffeine in the cup, go for Robusta coffee beans.

Can Black Coffee Be Made With Any Roast Type?

Yes, but if you want the strongest coffee roasts, it’s best to pick coffee beans with dark roast.

If a Drink Uses Espresso as a Base Drink, Are They Black Coffee Drink Types Automatically?

If the coffee contains nothing but Espresso and water, it can be called a cup of black coffee. If there are additives in there, then no.