13 Reasons Why You Should Get An Aeropress

AeroPress has become a personal favorite for many of the different home brewing methods due to its versatile usage. If you’ve not started using one yet, I suggest getting yourself an AeroPress just to see …

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AeroPress has become a personal favorite for many of the different home brewing methods due to its versatile usage. If you’ve not started using one yet, I suggest getting yourself an AeroPress just to see what the hype is all about. Today, we’ll be discussing all the 13 reasons to get an Aeropress.

Reasons To Get An AeroPress

Let’s take a short glance at the list of reasons you should get an AeroPress before diving into the detailed bits.

  • It brews awesome coffee
  • It brews fantastic coffee, also faster!
  • Solid construction and durability
  • All in one design
  • The filters are cheap (and I mean really cheap)
  • It comes with extra goodies
  • It’s small and compact
  • Has high portability
  • It’s super easy to clean (and also dishwasher safe!)
  • Allows versatility
  • Has high affordability
  • Delivers fast cold brew
  • Tool of choice, even for the pros

Reason #1: It Brews Awesome Coffee

An AeroPress can offer you any kind of brew you like. What more reason do you need?

AeroPress is the most foolproof coffee brewing machine in the current market that offers you a wide range of brews to try out.

If you’re a beginner in the world of coffee, AeroPress is the best way to get started with creating basic brews with different coffee ground types. Each experiment gives you new insight that you can use to develop better brews.

Reason #2: It Brews Awesome Coffee, And Faster!

Are you the type of person who doesn’t have the time to go through the whole morning coffee ritual just to grab a cup? Then AeroPress coffee maker is the right choice for you!

AeroPress accepts a wide range of grind sizes, so you don’t need to worry about using a particular grind.

And if you’re worried about the brew time, it can be as low as one minute if you do everything right.

aeropress speed meme

The highest amount of time needed to brew a cup of coffee in an AeroPress is around 5 minutes, including prep and cleanup as well as the 1-2 minute brew time.

Reason #3. Solid Construction & Durability

The biggest fear you have with a French press coffee maker is breaking the glass carafe. Unfortunately, many coffee enthusiasts, along with me, have our fair share of experience of the French press carafe shattering while we stand among the rubble of a war-torn kitchen.

AeroPress, compared to the French press, is pretty much indestructible. You can only break the machine if you either smash it directly (please don’t) or you wear the machine out after long terms of usage.

aeropress invincible meme

As long as you have a genuine AeroPress in your hands, you can rest assured about the durability of the coffee machine. And the secret lies in the components of AeroPress.

AeroPress parts are made of polypropylene and rubber (the first one is also BPA-free btw), making it virtually indestructible in terms of everyday brewing. Even if your machine wears out, AeroPress provides a replacement for each part at a very affordable cost.

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Reason #4. All-In-One Design (Reasons To Get An Aeropress)

The AeroPress can be considered a complete brewer. The only things you need to provide to the machine are the coffee beans, the grounds, and the hot water for brewing said grounds.

Another piece of equipment that is nice to have is a hand grinder and a digital scale. The digital scale is pretty optional since you can pretty much eyeball the whole thing after a few times of brewing.

You will only need an electric kettle in case you are traveling. Otherwise, you can even find hot water in your kitchen.

Reason #5. The Filters Are Cheap (And I Mean Really Cheap)

AeroPress uses small paper filters to keep the unwanted sediments out of your cup, providing you a clean, fresh cup of coffee.

Though getting your hands on paper filters can be an expensive ordeal, AeroPress makes this easy on your wallet by providing cheap filters in the market. You can get your hands on a whopping 350 filters for the price of $6!

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Paper filters have a habit of ruining the taste of your coffee by introducing a papery taste to your cup. This is because the filters are thick with more paper compounds, so you have to rinse them to eliminate the unwanted papery flavor.

Even though they are cheap filters, AeroPress filters are really thin. In fact, they are so thin that you don’t even have to rinse them before brewing. Talk about a time-saver.

Reason #6. It Comes With Extra Goodies

The AeroPress package comes complete with a measuring spoon, funnel, paddle, and a holder for your paper filters. You can also get a few aftermarket parts to enhance your AeroPress experience.

Reusable Metal Mesh Filters: Are you a fan of the mouthful body and aftertaste of the French press or a Moka pot? Then using paper filters will disappoint you. But there’s a workaround for that.

You can use an aftermarket metal mesh filter. On top of being cheap (it costs less than $5 to get your hands on one), they are reusable as well. A metal mesh filter is also perfect for outdoors or traveling.

Worried about space for your filters? Instead of carefully carrying around paper filters in a separate space, just place your metal filter inside the cap of your AeroPress.

Travel Cap: You can buy a custom plastic lid to place at the end of your AeroPress plunger. You can fill the plunger with fresh coffee to ensure you are getting your daily dose even when you’re out.

Fellow Prismo: This mechanism allows you to brew espresso-style coffee using your AeroPress. It has a pressure-actuated valve cap with a reusable metal filter in it. Fellow prismo creates a no-drip seal, sparing you the trouble of using the inverted method.

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Reason #7. It’s Small And Compact

The compact size of the AeroPress is a very lucrative reason for you to own one. I mean, if you are given a chance to have fresh coffee anywhere with the precision of a traditional coffee brewer, why won’t you take it?

If you want the traditional coffee experience outside, you will need to pack with you a large brewer, a mug, paper filters, a digital kettle, and a scale for measurement. Imagine the hassle of carrying, unpacking, brewing, cleaning, and then packing it all up again.

Now imagine yourself tossing your AeroPress in your backpack and walking out the door. I’ll let you decide which option feels lighter.

Even at home, you can just store the AeroPress in your glove compartment, giving you extra, much-needed space for a game of beer pong on the kitchen counter.

Reason #8. Has High Portability (Reasons To Get An Aeropress)

Reflecting on the previous section, the AeroPress is a great option for coffee on the go. You can even do a minor tweak here and there to save even more space! Let’s check out how:

  • Replace your paper filters with reusable, aftermarket metal filters.
  • Check the numbers on the side of the AeroPress to measure an estimated amount of bottled water you need, and pack accordingly.
  • Get a hand coffee grinder if grinding whole beans is your thing. Then, fit it inside the AeroPress for the ultimate portable brewing setup.
  • Once you have enough experience with AeroPress, you won’t need to carry the scale with you.

Reason #9. It’s Super Easy To Clean-Up(And Also Dishwasher Safe!)

AeroPress is the easiest coffee maker to clean out of all coffee makers. Here’s the easy, four-step procedure to clean your AeroPress:

  • Completely depress the plunger
  • Unscrew the cap
  • Toss the compact coffee puck in the trash can
  • Rinse the different parts with soap to get rid of the stale taste

If you want to get things done even easier, you can even put your AeroPress in the dishwasher.

meme are you sure about that

The manufacturer of the Aeropress recommends that you clean your AeroPress on the top shelf of your dishwasher. But I personally disagree with putting my AeroPress in a dishwasher because the plastic body takes on the smell of dishwasher tablets.

Reason #10. Allows Versatility (Reasons To Get An Aeropress)

The amount of versatility this coffee maker offers you is pretty crazy to think about. You can emulate a wide range of coffee brews with this one device.

Any grind you put in, you can brew. Any brew you want, you can get. Any kind of water you want to use, you can use. Want to plunge slowly or really quickly? Wish fulfilled!

It’s as if someone made a toy for coffee-loving adults and gave them enough options to go crazy with it all!

Reason #11. Has High Affordability (Reasons To Get An Aeropress)

If you’re someone who wishes to get into the world of coffee but is afraid of the high cost of components, ingredients, etc., the AeroPress is the most affordable brew method for you.

As you’ve already seen how durable the parts are, you can get all that in just $30, and it’s going to be a while before you need to replace anything at all.

The rubber seal of the coffee maker can give you peak performance for up to 1000 cups of coffee, and a replacement costs only $8.

As we mentioned earlier, paper filters for the AeroPress cost only $5, and you can get a batch of 350 filters at once.

I’m sure by now I’ve made my point as to why AeroPress is the Messiah for coffee lovers from an affordability standpoint.

Reason #12. Delivers Fast Cold Brew

AeroPress brings down your cold brew coffee brewing time from 12 hours to 2 minutes. No, it’s not forbidden elf magic; it’s the wonder of the AeroPress.

Here’s the process for making cold brew in AeroPress:

  • Add one scoop of finely ground coffee
  • Add room temperature water up to where it says (1) on the chamber
  • Stir for a minute straight (Must Not Skip)
  • Slowly press down the plunger
  • Add room temperature water or ice water for the final brew

Reason #13. Tool Of Choice, Even For The Pros

Imagine being so popular that there’s a championship in your name. Yes, AeroPress is the coffee machine to have achieved that honor. There’s a World AeroPress Championship (WAC) held every year.

All this started with just three friends in a private room of a cafe, which has turned into a worldwide event today. Different countries worldwide hold their own annual championships, and the winners go on to compete in the WAC.

Negatives Of The AeroPress

Every invention has its shortcomings, and the mighty AeroPress is no exception. But the drawbacks are ultimately overshadowed by the advantages it provides you.

Let’s take a look at reasons why the AeroPress falls short:

  • One size fits all
  • No preheating
  • Less forgiving than the french press

Reason #1. One Size Fits All

AeroPress comes in only one size, which doesn’t allow you to brew large batches for drinking a lot of coffee. However, though it seems like a hassle, there’s a way to get around it.

Brew up to four cups by brewing a concentrated batch. Use a high coffee-water ratio so that you can easily dilute with hot water and enjoy your cup. That way, you can enjoy fresh coffee throughout the day without using the microwave.

Reason #2. No Preheating

Plastic has less heat retention than glass, making it challenging to preheat the AeroPress. But while it’s not a good choice for being preheated, it’s an excellent choice for holding the ideal water temperature for a more extended amount of time once it’s actually heated.

Meaning once you’re done brewing your coffee, it’s going to stay heated longer inside the AeroPress.

Reason #3. It’s Less Forgiving Than The French Press

You can take the “set it and forget it approach” with the French press while not worrying too much about the aftermath. With AeroPress, however, there’s a lot more to consider.

It’s less negative and more of a learning curve for your coffee journey. AeroPress allows a wide variety of experiments that you can perform with your morning coffee.

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Bottom Line

Regardless of the brewing method, remember that all great coffee starts with a suitable grind size. AeroPress is the one brewer that allows you to work with any grind of your choosing and lets you take creative freedom with the entire brewing process, making it the top choice for any coffee aficionado.


How Do You Clean the Aeropress?

To clean the AeroPress, all you need to do is depress the plunger, unscrew the cup, throw the coffee puck into the trash, and rinse all the detachable parts with soap to get rid of the stale taste that can be stuck.

What Is the Science Behind Aeropress?

The AeroPress uses the pressure created by the plunger to force out concentrated coffee. The pressure is applied manually, unlike other automated coffee machines.

Why Does Aeropress Brewed Coffee Taste Better?

The taste of coffee from different brewers depends entirely on personal preference. If you think that coffee from AeroPress tastes better than others, it’s because you prefer it that way.

What Kind of Filter Does It Use?

AeroPress can either use thin paper filters or reusable mesh metal filters.

How Much Does the Aeropress Cost?

A standard AeroPress machine costs around $30

What Is the Aeropress Made Of?

The AeroPress is made of BPA-free plastic and rubber, making this coffee maker more durable and long-lasting than almost all the other coffee makers out there.