10 Different Coffee For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Here’s some shocking news: some people don’t like coffee. But there’s more to it than just expressing distaste towards coffee. Plus, some drinks can turn a coffee hater into an avid coffee drinker! Today, let’s …

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Here’s some shocking news: some people don’t like coffee.

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But there’s more to it than just expressing distaste towards coffee. Plus, some drinks can turn a coffee hater into an avid coffee drinker!

Today, let’s look at different coffee options for your friends who don’t like classic coffee drinks and some possible reasons behind the dislike.

5 Reasons Someone May Not Like Coffee

The reasons behind disliking coffee can range from psychological and genetic conditions to simply not liking the taste of coffee.

Reason #1: If They’re All a Fan of Wine

Surprisingly, many wine fans don’t like coffee. But the exciting part is coffee has almost the same amount of complexity as wine. So in a sense, coffee snobs can be put in the same category as wine experts.

Just like wine, every coffee blend has its own complexity of flavors and aromas, which many wine fans fail to appreciate.

Reason #2: They Have a Sensitive Stomach

Coffee can substitute as a laxative, so it’s normal for people with sensitive stomachs to dislike coffee.

Another case of sensitivity is acidity. Many coffee types and brew methods have high acidity, and they can cause acid reflux in the system.

To avoid the adverse effects, many avoid coffee.

Reason #3: They Don’t Like the Caffeine Buzz

When introduced to the bloodstream, caffeine can cause your whole body to jumpstart and make you hyper. But, this can have adverse effects on many as well.

While caffeinated coffee picks someone up, it gives others a buzz where people feel the rush, but at the same time, it’s not enough to make them productive.

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Reason #4: If They Don’t Like The Intense Flavors

The darker the roast for a coffee is, the stronger the coffee tastes. However, even with light roasts, many coffees still offer a pretty strong taste, which can be off-putting for many people who are not familiar with the nuances of coffee.

Reason #5: Disliking Coffee May Be Genetic

According to genetics, some people enjoy the strong, bitter flavor of coffee naturally, and they are the same people who have a higher chance of drinking coffee regularly.

Though you can have coffee with sweeteners, most coffees have a naturally bitter taste that can be quite off-putting for many.

10 Coffee For Starters Who Want To Get Into Coffee

Now that we know why people may not like coffee, here are 10 options for your non-coffee-loving friend to try, give this fine delicacy a chance, and get them started as a coffee newbie.

Choice #1: Mocha

Though the Mocha coffee uses a strong cup of Espresso as its base drink, the combination of chocolate syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream, and other additives mask the taste of coffee completely, making it taste like a dessert.

You can find and order a cup of Mocha in almost every coffee shop. The only downside of this coffee is the high sugar content, making it too rich to be drunk as an everyday drink.

It doesn’t help you get used to the taste of coffee itself (since coffee and chocolate taste very similar); it’s a good start.

Choice #2: Flavored Lattes and Cappuccinos

Since these caffeinated drink types are almost the same, except for the additives, this is a 2-in-1 entry.

Both the latte and Cappuccino are coffee drinks that don’t taste like coffee.

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I know, and that’s going to be the recurring theme of the rest of the list as well. So bear with me on this one.

Unlike a Mocha, the taste of coffee isn’t entirely drowned in here. You may occasionally feel the flavor of Espresso shining through the milk and cream, but it’s still way more subdued than most coffee flavors out there.

Since the flavor of coffee isn’t overwhelming, it can work as a fine introduction to the coffee world. Plus, there are sugar-free versions of these drinks too!

Choice #3: Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio is a low-roast coffee that resembles a cup of tea. It’s very mild on the coffee taste front, but it also has a lot of flavors that you can enjoy. The coffee is also very easygoing on the stomach.

Golden ratio coffee offers you the option to brew it both hot and cold, but since cold brew coffee brings out more intense tastes, offering this coffee hot to your friend can help you get your point across better.

Another plus side of the Golden ratio is that it doesn’t take any kind of coffee-making equipment or prior experience to brew a cup of this fine coffee.

The only downside of this coffee type is that you have to order it online.

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Choice #4: Frappuccino

Picture this: you’re at Starbucks to meet a friend, but you don’t like coffee. But to save face, you need to order something. Frappuccino is the drink you should go for.

It’s a cold coffee that tastes more like ice cream and less like coffee, even with the double-shot Espresso in the cup. But it can taste so different from coffee sometimes that the taste of the coffee may never grow on you.

There are two major downsides of this coffee, however. The first is exclusivity. You can only find it in Starbucks. The other one is the high count of sugar.

Choice #5: Dirty Chai Latte

This drink is a mix of tea and coffee. The subtle flavor of tea, the addition of coffee, and the creamy latte feel make up for a very fine coffee experience.

The variety of spices creates a flavor profile and aroma that does an impressive job of keeping the coffee taste in the loop while offering unique flavor profiles of its own.

But if you don’t like spices in your drink, this may not be the drink for you.

Choice #6: Caramel Macchiato

A cup of Caramel Macchiato has a mixed flavor of milk and candy, so it’s essentially another sweet coffee-themed drink. Whether served cold or hot, Caramel Macchiato is always a fine offering.

Since Caramel Macchiato is served in layers, you can stir the layers together to mix in the different layers as much as you need. It reduces the overall bitterness of the coffee by combining all the layers of the drink.

Ordering this drink in coffee shops can be a bit tricky, though, since many coffee shops don’t offer it at all. When you order a cup of Caramel Macchiato, they confuse it with a traditional Macchiato, which is the absolute worst place to start your coffee journey.

Choice #7: Espresso

If you’re feeling a bit more brave than usual, you can start with a mild shot of Espresso.

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Espresso is the most popular coffee variety that works both as a standalone drink and a base for various other caffeinated beverages. Though Espresso can be very strong for any newbie, you can always tone it down by taking it the “Americano” style.

Choice #8: Pumpkin Spice Latte

A pumpkin spice coffee may be an occasional drink, but it’s also a great choice to get started with coffee. The coffee also contains spices such as:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Nutmeg

Pumpkin spice latte also has a fine scoop of whipped cream sitting at the top. Some versions come in with a pumpkin puree or even more extra cream.

Choice #9: Frappe

Frappe feels like less of a coffee and more of a smoothie made of coffee, milk, ice, and sugar.

This dessert-like drink can work as a fine introductory drink to any non-coffee drinker.

Choice: #10: Flat White

There’s nothing new to say about the Frappe since it’s another drink mix of milk and coffee, but with a thin layer of milk foam on top of the cup.

Many can confuse a Flat White with a latte, but there are enough differences for these two drinks to be specified as two different drinks.

5 Ways To Start Liking Coffee

If you’re really looking forward to liking coffee, but don’t know where to start, here are 5 effective ways you can start developing a taste for coffee.

For those willing to take the tiny steps needed to experience the joys of fresh, high-quality coffee, there are also a few tips we like to share:

Way #1: Stop Worrying About The Expenses

If you’re too worried about all the fancy gadgets and coffee prices, rest assured. Coffee makers can be as cheap as $20, and there are a lot of coffee deals going on all the time in different stores.

Way #2: Grind Your Own Coffee Beans

When you invest time and effort into something, you are fond of the result. A great way to implement it in coffee is by grinding your own coffee beans instead of buying pre-ground beans.

When you spend time grinding the beans, you start appreciating the flavors more than usual.

Way #3: Use Filtered Water For Coffee

If your coffee is constantly tasting bad, which puts you off of coffee, the issue may be in the water you are using.

A cup of coffee is basically 99% water, so if you don’t use fresh water to brew your coffee, it can lead to poor taste.

Way #4: Reduce The Bitterness By Pairing Coffee With A Snack

When you take a sweet snack with your coffee, the sweetness of the snack can help you counter the bitterness of your coffee.

Though you can brew coffee that is already sweet, the snack is the additional measure for helping you get used to the flavor of the coffee.

Way #5: Coffee Flavored Foods

If you’re going to take snacks with coffee anyway, why not make the snacks coffee flavored?

There are coffee-flavored ice creams, cakes, etc., available that you can start taking to get your taste buds used to the coffee flavor.

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Bottom Line

Coffee is not for everyone. But if you set your mind to liking it, you’ll find that getting started in the world of coffee isn’t so tough either.

If you’re planning to join in this amazing world of coffee, welcome! Enjoy your stay.



How Can I Get Caffeine if I Don’t Like Coffee?

Many caffeinated drinks offer a dose of caffeine without you having to drink regular coffee. And if you are specifically looking for a hot drink, you can always drink tea. It won’t have as much caffeine as a cup of regular coffee, but it’s still there.

What Is Your Best Coffee Suggestion That Doesn’t Have That Bitter Coffee Taste?

I personally like to suggest any type of flavored lattes (especially vanilla lattes) for the first taste of coffee. A latte has sugar, milk, and other additives in the mix, that offer a subtle coffee flavor that doesn’t overwhelm you.

How Do You Avoid Ordering Sour or Bitter Coffee?

The baristas in all the coffee shops are really helpful. If you have no idea about what you want to get for yourself, you can always ask for their help and suggestions to guide you to fresh coffee that is sweet.

Why Don’t Some People Like Coffee?

There are many reasons why a person doesn’t like coffee. The reasons vary between individuals and range from not wanting the bitter taste of hot coffee to genetic differences.

Why Is There So Much Variety Between Espresso Flavor Offerings?

Espresso is a versatile coffee drink that can be prepared in many different manners. Espresso is also used for many coffee drinks we see on the coffee menus these days, so it’s easy to understand why Espresso drinks have so many options.