Can Coffee Make You Sexually Active?

Did you know that your favorite morning drink can make you more active in bed? Of course, there are rumors about it all around. But, Can coffee make you sexually active? the truth is yes, …

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Did you know that your favorite morning drink can make you more active in bed? Of course, there are rumors about it all around. But, Can coffee make you sexually active? the truth is yes, It can. Not just you, your special one too.

Coffee is something you can call an “Aphrodisiac,” food or drink that can increase your sexual arousal and desire.

Now that we are confident that coffee really can help you extend your “special time” and possibly make it even better than before, let’s find out how it works before going on your next date, shall we?

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Is Coffee All You Need To Get Better In Bed?

I’m sure you’ll get many different answers if you ask anyone, “what makes your bed partner” since it’s all about perspective.

While someone might prefer a partner who’s more patient and gentle, others might find it “too vanilla,” if you know what I mean 😉

If you don’t want to be stuck with that title, pairing up a dose of caffeine with your sex life can just give you the extra aphrodisiac-induced edge you need.

As my fellow coffeenomies know, it takes 15 minutes to 2 hours for the caffeine to kick in, so it’s better to drink coffee before sex if you want the performance boost.

Though it can’t be considered a solution for a lower sex drive, it can significantly enhance your physical arousal and stamina when you’re doing the deed.

7 Ways Coffee Can Help Your Sex Life

Can coffee make you sexually active? Yes, but it can’t be a solid solution for your sex life and sexual health, it can help you spice things up better. Here are the main ways coffee can help your sex life (according to science anyway)

Way #1: Coffee Increases Female Libido

The University of Texas in Austin conducted a study on the effects of caffeine on women’s level of arousal.

For this study, the level of arousal was measured before and after drinking caffeine while they received arousal from an erotic stimulus. The researchers found that due to the increased heart rate and blood pressure provided by caffeine, consuming caffeine can make you hornier than usual.

Remember that sex drive is more than just increased blood flow through the blood vessels of your privates. Being a good lover is more than physical arousal. It also adds up to experience, hormones, desire, etc.

Way #2: Coffee May Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare for any adult planning to have some fun or settle down permanently. Coffee can help you get rid of this nightmare.

Around 52% of all males face some form of ED during different phases of life. Drinking two to three cups of coffee can help you avoid the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Caffeine intake can increase your blood flow and reduce the chances of ED. Aside from that, coffee also increases your testosterone levels by helping with testosterone production. This sex hormone regulates your libido. Higher testosterone = higher sex drive+less sexual dysfunction.

Way #3: Coffee Enhances Athletic Performance

By now, you all know how caffeine enhances your physical performance. That’s why many athletes prefer caffeinated drinks for a decent boost.

Caffeine affects your central nervous systems, reducing fatigue and increasing your overall focus and endurance. And where’s the best place to put all the endurance to test than in your bed?

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Way #4: Coffee Reduces Your Stress

Stress is the most common mental anomaly that can affect your mental health along with your sex drive. When you’re stressed, even having your loved one in your arms won’t feel as good as you think, and it can affect your performance in bed.

Caffeine, a drink that can reduce your stress levels, is sure to help you spend a better time with your partner. But unfortunately, stress can take away from your sex drive and overall satisfaction, so it’s best to resolve this issue with a fine cup of coffee.

Drinking coffee regularly can reduce your overall stress, along with depression. When you’re free of your worries, you’re full of enthusiasm and fun ideas to try out in bed.

Way #5: Coffee Takes The Depression Away

As the previous point suggests, drinking coffee regularly can be helpful for your depression as well as anxiety. Those avid coffee drinkers have fewer chances to get depressed and unmotivated.

But remember, this only applies to regular coffee. You can’t expect the same result from other caffeine resources, like sodas or coffee that uses too much sweetener.

Though the stimulation of sex can lift your mood up, getting in the bed and lasting longer requires that your mind is in a better place already.

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Way #6: Drink Coffee, Stay Sharp

Question: If someone was good in bed at 25, why isn’t the same person good in bed at 60? Aren’t they supposed to be better and more experienced after decades of practice?

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Jokes aside, the critical difference is in the sharpness of your mind. As you age, your brain loses attention span, which can negatively affect you. Coffee can help you with your memory, cognition, and attention span by making you more alert.

If you put in all that attentive proactiveness in your interactions after a long, lustful make-out session, I can bet you’re going to have the best few hours of your life. Yes, I said hours.

Way #7: Set The Mood With A Romantic Aroma

The steamy cup of coffee can add some extra steam to your night and some wholesomeness to your morning.

Stare into each other’s eyes while letting the caffeine fill up your senses, along with the romantic atmosphere of the fresh morning.

Items To Turn Your Standard Coffee Into Coffee Aphrodisiac

There are a few ingredients that you can add to increase the effectiveness of your coffee as an aphrodisiac. Here are the best options.

Option #1: Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is considered a natural aphrodisiac, which helps the human body balance hormones while giving you increased sexual performance. Coconut milk can also give you the nutrition to extend your fun time.

Option #2: Honey

Honey is a substance that can help both sides in bed. It can increase fertility and virility. It can also increase overall stamina.

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Honey also contains boron. Boron regulates your testosterone levels and estrogen, a natural boost to your libido and stamina.

Option #3: Cinnamon

This is another natural aphrodisiac that promotes your blood flow. When the blood supply to your genitals is improved and increased, it increases arousal.

Option #4: Maca

This option is a bit more traditional in comparison. This is an Aztec root ground in powder form and can be mixed with coffee. Maca is a known adaptogen that helps your body improve fertility by balancing your hormones.

Found in Peru, this root grind can also improve your stamina and energy.

Option #5: Chocolate

An option that is applicable for both in and out of your bedroom. Chocolate is considered the universal symbol of love and romance. Chocolate helps your mind and body by releasing extra serotonin and dopamine.

Offer your precious one a bunch of chocolates during your date, and mix some chocolate in your coffee before sexy time. Both you and your female partner are going to have a very, very sweet night.

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Bottom Line

If you were feeling nervous about going on a date, you were planning to, fear no more. Just have some coffee, chocolates and a pretty gift for your precious one. Enjoy your date, and enjoy your healthy sex life.

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