Bat Poop Coffee Beans: Coffee From Bat Guano? Or Something Else?

Another coffee that comes from poop, and this time it’s bat poop. But is it really just bat poop coffee? Or is there more to it? Let’s find out about another rare specialty coffee made …

Bat Poop Coffee Beans: Coffee From Bat Guano? Or Something Else? Cover Image

Another coffee that comes from poop, and this time it’s bat poop.

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But is it really just bat poop coffee? Or is there more to it? Let’s find out about another rare specialty coffee made out of waste left by another animal.

Origin Of Bat Poop Coffee

The idea of bat poop coffee originated in the Southern Brunca region of Costa Rica. The bats that partake in producing this coffee are called Artibeus jamaicensis.

The idea became even more popular in Madagascar after the beans grown in the volcanic soils of Itasy were found chewed up by bats and left for picking.

The island was already famous for producing decent coffee. Still, after the demand for bat coffee went high, Madagascar started cultivating Bourbon Pointu (an Arabica coffee variety) for the bats to create more specialty coffee.

The best part of bat coffee is that you don’t have to manipulate them into taking an interest in the coffee cherries/ beans. The bats like sweet fruits, which are coffee cherries.

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Production Process Of The Bat Poop Coffee Beans

When we look at the production process of the bat poop coffee, the misunderstanding about the name clears up. It’s more “bat spit coffee” and less “bat poop coffee.” In this case, similar to monkey parchment coffee, the beans are licked and left by the bats.

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The bats of the coffee farm chew on the exterior of ripe coffee cherries without taking them out of the plant. The beans are usually of Arabica variety. The bats have small yet sharp teeth that they use to cut through the outer skin of the coffee cherries.

The bats are attracted to the sugary sweet content in the fruits. So they damage the fruit and keep licking the inner pulp as much as possible to get the most sugar out of the fruits.

When the bats lick the beans, their digestive acid gets left on the coffee beans, and at the same time, the beans are exposed to open air. This causes the digestive enzymes to dry on the beans naturally, and continue the fermentation process, till the coffee cherries are picked.

Once the harvesting process begins, the farmers pick the cherries plucked by bats and yet are in the best condition. Then the coffee cherries go through an extensive drying and cleaning process to create the specialty coffee many know and love.

Flavor Profile Of Bat Coffee

The flavor comes from the acid that the spit of the bat leaves on the coffee cherries. The chemical present in the digestive acid of the bat changes the overall flavor profile of the coffee beans.

The coffee has floral and fruity notes, with a smooth mouthfeel and sweet taste. The aftertaste is pretty amazing too. The coffee is low on acid, making it easier on your stomach.

Pricing Of Bat Coffee

The production of bat coffee is at a pretty low rate, so it’s considered a rare coffee. But even when you get your hands on it, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s pretty affordable, coming in with a  $200 per pound price tag. It’s easier to find them being served in any local coffee shop or high-end restaurant.

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Bottom Line

Though it’s known as bat poop coffee by the masses since making coffee out of pretty much anything is a trend these days, the coffee is more of a leftover with bat spit on it, or bat spit coffee, if you will.

If you’re worried about consuming these beans, they’re perfectly fine and safe to drink.

If you’re planning to get your hands on this specialty coffee, or try it out on your next trip to Madagascar or Costa Rica, enjoy your coffee.



Is Bat Poop Coffee Actually Made Out of Bat Poop?

No, bat coffee is made out of coffee beans licked by the bats and not something they eat and digest.

How Pricey Is the Bat Coffee? And How Rare Is It?

Bat coffee is sold for $200 per pound, and considering the low production rate, it’s pretty rare.

Where Did the Idea of Bat Poop Coffee Take Off From?

The idea of bat coffee was popularized in Madagascar, though the concept originated in Costa Rica.

Are Bat Poop Coffee and Kopi Luwak the Same Thing?

No, they are different. One is a coffee produced by palm civets, while the other is a coffee made out of coffee cherries licked by bats.

What’s the Science Behind Bat Poop Coffee?

The bats lick the inner layer of coffee cherries, trying to get nutrients from the sugar present in the fruit. When the bats lick the inner layer of the fruit, the digestive enzymes present on the bat’s tongue get stuck on the coffee beans inside the cherries. The chemical compounds of the acid present in the spit change the overall properties of the coffee beans.